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Hua Hin

Experience beach life, cool breezes and lush gardens in Hua Hua, Thailand. Excellent value and investment opportunity. Easy accessible from…

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Chiang Mai

Spectacular home in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, offering you 365 days a year of balanced and happy living. 

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Koh Chang

An Outstanding Lifestyle and Investment Opportunity of Private White Sand Beach on the Beautiful Island of Koh Chang.


It is a golden opportunity to own a home in Thailand

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Exotic Thailand is Asia’s top destination and offers stunning Islands and beaches, vibrant cosmopolitan cities, beautiful mountains, dense forests and nature parks, a tropical climate and a magnificant culture with  courteous and friendly people and world-class cuisine, making it a magnet for visitors, re-locators and property investors alike.

It is a golden opportunity for those who dream of securing a prime piece of real estate in an ideal location with a reasonable price. Living in Thailand is a rewarding experience and THE place for successful living!

Thailand is classed as an emerging property market while it remains in the early stages of growth. Investors are purchasing now, while property prices are at a low and look set to rise when the property market and supporting infrastructure matures in Thailand. High growth figures are very achievable particularly in the newer resorts, where average growth can reach 15%.

The government is concentrating on ambitious new marketing efforts to attract luxury tourism in order to meet its annual target of 10% growth in tourist numbers.

New construction in resorts is expected to attract a vast numbers of tourists on short term holidays, while generating excellent rental yields for the investors who own these properties.

Retire like royalty in a low-cost paradise

The cost of living in Thailand is much lower than in most European/American destinations while the facilities available to tourists and visitors are modern and of international standard. Property is much cheaper in Thailand than elsewhere and an increase in overseas interest in property purchase has helped to create an economic recovery in Thailand.

The answer for a growing number of European/Americans making the leap into early retirement is moving to a country with a lower cost of living. From a financial perspective, spending your golden years overseas is certainly tantalizing. Consider how far your Social Security checks might go. The cost of living may even be low enough for you to retire years earlier than you might otherwise.

For thousands of people who have worked in Asia for many years, Thailand is a very attractive retirement destination, in which the living environment will feel familiar. Retirement visas are available for foreigners over 50 years of age, according to financial means.

Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, Thailand is one of the cheapest places to fly to in Asia, with direct flights readily available to Bangkok from many international airports.

Reasons why Thailand is an intelligent property investment location

* An exotic long haul destination, Thailand is also a sophisticated tourist destination with a great universal appeal.

* For thousands of people who have worked in Asia for many years, Thailand is a very attractive retirement destination.

* Retirement visas are available for foreigners over 50 years of age, according to financial means.

* Thailand has good schools, an efficient health care system and it is seen as a friendly country in which to live or visit.

* Thailand boasts beautiful mountains, dense forests and stunning beaches.

* With a tropical climate and cities teeming with culture and colour, Thailand entices visitors back each year.

* Thailand has a  tropical climate with warm weather all year round.

* Property prices remain far below those in the more established EuropeanAmerican markets.

* The completion of the Suvarnabhumi-Bangkok International Airport (SBIA) is expected to spur growth in commercial property markets in eastern Bangkok as well as make Thailand even more accessible by air.

* Thailand is one of the cheapest places to fly to in Asia.

* The country has strong business links with China and has an excellent infrastructure as well as world-class facilities in many resort towns.

* Rental potential is great, due to increased government spending luring growing numbers of tourists.

We invite you to look around the website and should you not find something that meets your criteria please contact us directly.


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