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Building the house of your dreams in Thailand

Did you ever wanted to live in a dream house? A house made for you with all the sounds and whistles you want? Stop Looking! It is time to design and build your dream house with the assistance of a professional design and construction firm. It is much more easy then you think and in Thailand your dream is house is affordable!

Construction in Thailand In Thailand you can really let your imagination free. The possibilities for building a dream house are almost limitless, your money goes much further and the range of materials and styles offer all sorts of exciting choices to create a wonderful tropical villa or mansion.

A professional design and construction firm takes all the hassle away. You will be assisted with the design, the architectural blueprints, construction regulations, and the whole construction from the beginning to the end. The only thing you have to look for is a location and a nice piece of land! See our land listings for details of what's available, or sent us an email with your requirements and we help you to find a place to build your dream house.

Working hand in hand with partners of Thailand Home Guide will give you the property that will have all the features and the design that suits you! Our partners use state of the art 3D software for your house design. Before the construction starts you can evaluate the design with the architect and project manager and make necessary changes if needed.

For most projects you will need a building license before you can start the construction. Our partners will take care the submission of the building plans, which have to be approved by a registered structural engineer.

Throughout the construction process we will have regular site meetings where you can inspect the work completed, discuss progress, and talk through any changes that you may require.

Meetings will be conducted in English or Thai language.

Construction in Thailand

Benefits of building a house in Thailand:

- Thailand Home Guide Partners work with engineers and construction workers who have been building homes for customers who demand a higher quality standard for many years.

- Thailand Home Guide Partners understand the different needs and requirements of foreign owners and are well versed in working to the higher standards expected.

- The quality of the house and the quality finish will be significantly higher than you can expect from a stock built house in a Thai development.

- It will become the house of your dreams with all the features you desire.

The difference between a standard offplan home and a custom build home

Homes in Thailand can be offered for a very low price. The quality is reasonable, but often not high quality as in the west. If you need a quality home with extra features a custom designed and build home will be the best choice.

Most offplan homes comes with minimal features to keep the price low. There are however outstanding quality projects available throughout Thailand, but the prices are significant higher. Thailand Home Guide can give you advise and help you with your choice of buying an offplan house, re-design an offplan house with extra features, or designing and building your own house on your location of your choice!

Affordable Dream Homes in Thailand

Once you have found the ideal plot we can discuss your design ideas and arrange to show you some of the properties that we have already built for clients so that you can check out the value for yourself. We will then work closely with you to develop a design and ultimately provide you with a detailed quotation for the construction.

Click here to contact us about house design and construction services in Thailand
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